Top 10 Reasons for Bearded Dragon Black Beard


In this post, we are going to explain what it means when your bearded dragon’s beard turns black and some of the different reasons for why it happens. We will explain everything with the help of pictures and videos. Bearded dragon black beard can be an alarming sight for many bearded dragon owners especially beginners … Read more

Top 5 Safe Plants for Bearded Dragon Enclosure


In our previous posts, we discussed the best cage for bearded dragons and what you need to make a perfect habitat for your beardie. In this post, we are going to discuss best plants for bearded dragon cage. Decorating bearded dragon enclosure is one of the fun parts in keeping beardies as pets. The aim … Read more

Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Treatment & Causes


Tail rot, which most commonly shows itself as a darkening of the end of a reptiles tail, is caused when proper blood flow is not reaching the full length of the tail. When blood flow is restricted it eventually rots the tail away little by little. Keep in mind that beardies don’t regenerate tails. If you noticed … Read more

Bearded Dragon Cage Lighting and Heating Requirements


Every animal has different requirements to stay healthy, alive and happy; bearded dragon lighting is not an exception to this rule. The type and amount of light, diet, temperature, and cleanliness are the four main components to keeping these, and many other reptiles as healthy and happy as possible. Below is bearded dragon enclosure requirements. … Read more

Getting Started With Bearded Dragons


How to prepare for a bearded dragon? Before you buy your bearded dragon you should be well prepared for the new family member. Therefore you should read several books/websites and talk to experienced owners. But be discerning and rethink the information you get. Breeding bearded dragons are very easy, so not everyone who calls himself … Read more