Bearded Dragons and the New Reptile Owner

If you are thinking about becoming a Reptile Owner, then seriously consider the benefits of a Bearded Dragon.  These adorable lizards are in my opinion at the top of the list.  From the very beginning, they steal your heart away with their looks and attitude. They have spiked beards, grow to a manageable size and come in an array of colors.  Most pet store suppliers now purchase their stock from captive breeding sources, so taming is not usually a problem.

Bearded dragons have a quiet, friendly attitude and are easily handled by the beginner.  However, it is still best to teach younger children how to softly hold their reptile in the beginning.  Building the confidence of both the handler and the reptile will make for a much better pet relationship.  Bearded dragons are majestic and inquisitive lizards that love being held and given attention, also bringing the new reptile owner enjoyment.

Housing for a Bearded Dragon is a fairly simple affair.  Usually, a store-bought terrarium supplied with a heat source and light is about all that is needed.  As long as the reptile has the ability to move to and from the heat and light sources they can adjust to the temperature they need to stay healthy and happy.  Reptiles, like all cold-blooded animals, need outside sources to regulate body temperatures.  So basking areas need to be provided as well as cooler areas where they can cool back down if needed.  But these temperature differences are easily provided with just a minimum of equipment.  Ask your local pet store, and they can advise you on what will work best for your Beardie.

Feeding is also much easier with a Bearded Dragon. The best part of owning a Bearded Dragon is that you don’t have to subject yourself to the traumatic scene of the crushing and eating of live rodents like with other reptiles.  This can be a major reason for choosing a Bearded Dragon over other reptiles, especially when younger children are involved. 

For the most part, their main diet is insects.  Crickets and Mealworms are always available at the pet stores and usually not expensive to purchase.  Remember to buy insects according to the size of your lizard; this will be important if you purchase a baby lizard instead of a fully grown lizard. Beardies will also enjoy a small amount of greens or fruits from time to time. 

A shallow watering dish will also be needed to provide your lizard with drinking water.  Occasionally sprinkling the food (insects, greens or fruit) with a Calcium or Vitamin additive will help keep the bone structure of your lizard healthier as well.

Your Beardie, if cared for properly, can live for a long time in captivity.  It is not unheard of for them to reach the age of 15-20 years.  So the worry about short longevity like with hamsters isn’t a problem.  All together these reasons make having a Bearded Dragon a great idea.  So get your equipment set up and go out and find that special Beardie!  Everyone in the family will thoroughly enjoy this reptile!

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