Can Bearded Dragons Eat…

A straight forward alphabetical guide to what Bearded Dragons can and can not eat. It’s a non-exhaustive list and I’ll keep updating it

In terms of vegetables and fruits remember that they will have a high water content so feed in small quantities to avoid diarrhea. If you’re keeping your beardies on soil or sand based substrate then you’ll want to feed them in a high rim bowl to stop them getting dirt over those sticky, juicy pieces of fruit! Focus more on leafy greens with occasional fruit and occaisonally use a multivitamin dusting supplement, but be careful to check what’s in it first.
Consistently high levels of the following may cause long term health problems for your pet, so moderation is the key

  • Goitrogens – Inhibits intake of Iodine that then causes problems with the Thyroid Gland such as swelling
  • Oxalic Acid – Binds with calcium to form calcium oxalate which is fairly insoluble and stops it being absorbed
  • Phosphorus – Blocks intake/ conversion of calcium, for every gram of phosphorus there needs to be 2 grams of calcium
  • Vitamin A and D3 – Bearded dragons can potentially overdose on these unlike vitamin C, they get vitamin D3 from the UVB so you don’t want a vitamin supplement with this in.

To avoid low calcium in the diet, remember to regularly dust the insects with calcium powder.

Avoid freezing vegetables or feeding any pre-frozen vegetables as any vitamins (B1) are generally lost.

Remember any plants that you take leaves or flowers from, will potentially contain pesticides, fertilisers from the soil in them, so you’ll need to ideally transplant the plant into a clean environment and leave 6-12 weeks for the nasty chemicals to leave the plants.

You should never feed insects that you’ve caught from the wild, especially anything that may be poisonous or stings. Even if it’s a spider living in your house, best to avoid it as you don’t know what it’s been crawling in.
The golden rule for fruit and vegetables is: variation and moderation!

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  1. What would you recommend as a daily veggie option for a juvenile beardie? Currently, just doing meal worms and crickets! We are new owners love your website!


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