How Much Do Bearded Dragons Cost?


One of our most popular questions is, how much are bearded dragons cost-wise? Unlike other exotic reptiles that are being offered online and in brick and mortar animal stores, bearded dragons are unbelievably affordable. While other reptiles costs around $100 – $500, a baby bearded dragon hatchling costs only $49. Grownup bearded dragons (which measure … Read more

How many species of Bearded Dragon are there?


They all come from Australia, but in total there are 9 types of bearded dragons (sub species of Pogona) There are 9 different types of Bearded Dragons species, these are: Pogona Barbata / Coastal or Eastern Bearded Dragon Pogona Henrylawsoni / Rankins or Lawsons Bearded Dragon Pogona Microlepidota / Small Scaled or Drysdale River Bearded … Read more