Getting Started With Bearded Dragons


How to prepare for a bearded dragon? Before you buy your bearded dragon you should be well prepared for the new family member. Therefore you should read several books/websites and talk to experienced owners. But … Read more

How Much Do Bearded Dragons Cost?


One of our most popular questions is, how much are bearded dragons cost-wise? Unlike other exotic reptiles that are being offered online and in brick and mortar animal stores, bearded dragons are unbelievably affordable. While … Read more

Bearded Dragons as Pets


There are many reasons why bearded dragons make such great pets, and in this post, I’m going to be discussing some of them. Friendly The bearded dragon is a good-natured, docile and friendly lizard that … Read more

Bearded Dragons and the New Reptile Owner


If you are thinking about becoming a Reptile Owner, then seriously consider the benefits of a Bearded Dragon.  These adorable lizards are in my opinion at the top of the list.  From the very beginning, … Read more

Basic Rule To Lengthen Dragons’ Life-Span


Just like all other pets, bearded dragons, need to be cared for every day. Beginning from the substrate, never compromise your pet’s safety ergo don’t include sand in the reptile’s bedding. Sand is a known … Read more

Why are they called Bearded Dragons?


Short answer: because they can make it look like they have a beard. The long answer: The Bearded Dragon is so called because of it’s ability to indicate a range of behaviours using it’s throat … Read more