Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Treatment & Causes


Tail rot, which most commonly shows itself as a darkening of the end of a reptiles tail, is caused when proper blood flow is not reaching the full length of the tail. When blood flow is restricted it eventually rots the tail away little by little. Keep in mind that beardies don’t regenerate tails. If you noticed … Read more

Finding the Perfect Vet for your Bearded Dragon

Finding Bearded Dragon Vet

Why do you need a Veterinarian?  Although your Bearded Dragon may only be a lizard in some people’s eyes, they quickly become family members to a vast majority.  Bearded Dragons with proper care and medical attention can live happily for up 15-20 years.  They make great pets and become as loved as a family dog … Read more

How to deal with your Bearded Dragon Parasites


There are two types of Bearded Dragons Parasites, Internal and External; both shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can cause a variety of problems within your beardie sometimes your entire collection of reptiles! The worst of the parasites will be mites. They are external parasites that feed through the skin of your bearded dragons anchoring … Read more

5 Guidelines On Bearded Dragon Diseases


Bearded dragons get diseases very easily if you are not careful with their diet, lighting, and heating conditions. It is very important to follow the proper steps for caring for your bearded dragon. Here are a few guidelines you can make sure you are following right now: 1) Avoiding Impaction The best way to avoid … Read more

Bearded Dragon Diseases


11 Common Health Issues in Bearded Dragons Prevention is always better than being cured. If you own a bearded dragon, it is your responsibility to protect and prevent them from diseases, such as impactions, parasitic infections, MBD, dehydration, and calcium deficiency etc. In this post, we going to be talking about nine common health issues … Read more

Impaction in Bearded Dragons


This is a fairly serious topic and health concern, if caught soon enough then you can do something about it. If you don’t act quickly when the signs of an impaction in your bearded dragon then it’ll mean death in severe cases, it’s more prone to happen in young dragons but can just as easily … Read more

Egg Binding in Bearded Dragons


Egg binding (Dystocia) in Bearded Dragons can be fairly common, most females will develop eggs even without the presence of a mate. Egg binding occurs when the lizard is unable to lay her eggs whether infertile or not. This may be down to a variety of factors but the most common cause and the most … Read more

Bearded Dragon Respiratory Infection


In bearded dragons, respiratory infection (RI) is caused by a bacterial infection in the lungs. Respiratory infection is a common disease in bearded dragons. Every beardie experience at least one respiratory infection in its life. Bearded dragons develop respiratory infection due to a number of reasons such as incorrect lightning and temperature, high humidity, prolonged … Read more

Bearded Dragon Shedding – Things You Should Know


Bearded dragon shedding is a completely normal and natural process. There is no need to be alarmed. Bearded Dragon Shedding? Shedding which is also known as molting, peeling or sloughing is a natural process in all reptiles where lizards including bearded dragons cast off their old skin. Scientific Definition of Shedding Scientifically known as ecdysis, shedding … Read more