How to deal with your Bearded Dragon Parasites


There are two types of Bearded Dragons Parasites, Internal and External; both shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can cause a variety of problems within your beardie sometimes your entire collection of reptiles! The worst … Read more

5 Guidelines On Bearded Dragon Diseases


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Bearded Dragon Diseases


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Impaction in Bearded Dragons


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Egg Binding in Bearded Dragons


Egg binding (Dystocia) in Bearded Dragons can be fairly common, most females will develop eggs even without the presence of a mate. Egg binding occurs when the lizard is unable to lay her eggs whether … Read more

Bearded Dragon Respiratory Infection


In bearded dragons, respiratory infection (RI) is caused by a bacterial infection in the lungs. Respiratory infection is a common disease that every beardie experience at least once in its life. Bearded dragons develop respiratory … Read more