How to Administer Oral Medication to your Bearded Dragon

Administer Oral Medication to your Bearded Dragon

There may come a time when your dragon may need medication. Depending on the disease an Oral treatment may be prescribed by your vet. Oral medication is fairly easy to administer but may present some challenges. It is generally not as complicated to treat a larger pogona then a baby. Mixing medication into food will … Read more

Finding the Perfect Vet for your Bearded Dragon

Finding Bearded Dragon Vet

Why do you need a Veterinarian?  Although your Bearded Dragon may only be a lizard in some people’s eyes, they quickly become family members to a vast majority.  Bearded Dragons with proper care and medical attention can live happily for up 15-20 years.  They make great pets and become as loved as a family dog … Read more

How to deal with your Bearded Dragon Parasites


There are two types of Bearded Dragons Parasites, Internal and External; both shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can cause a variety of problems within your beardie sometimes your entire collection of reptiles! The worst of the parasites will be mites. They are external parasites that feed through the skin of your bearded dragons anchoring … Read more

Things Every Bearded Dragon Owner should AVOID!!!


It is our responsibility to give our pet dragons a safe haven for living.  For this we should avoid exposing our bearded dragons to situations in which they could injure themselves by following some ways: Fireflies/Lightening Bugs Never let dragon eat them as eating fireflies will prove to be lethal for them. Fireflies have a … Read more

Bearded Dragon Diseases


Prevention is always better than being cured. If you own a beardie, it is your job to protect and prevent them from common bearded dragon diseases, such as impactions, parasitic infections, metabolic bone disease, dehydration, thermal burns, and calcium deficiency. The human caregiver must provide the pet with adequate attention and proper care. Whether its … Read more