How Much Do Bearded Dragons Cost?

One of our most popular questions is, how much are bearded dragons cost-wise? Unlike other exotic reptiles that are being offered online and in brick and mortar animal stores, bearded dragons are unbelievably affordable.

While other reptiles costs around $100 – $500, a baby bearded dragon hatchling costs only $49. Grownup bearded dragons (which measure about twenty 4 inches) can be purchased for $90 – $100. This is a realistic guide as to what bearded dragons cost.

Thinking about that these impressive reptiles only grow about half an inch every week, buying a complete grown grownup lizard for a hundred bucks is rather reasonable indeed. If you have only just started caring for reptiles in your home, choose grownup dragons, since they are normally much easier for a newbie to take care of.

As long as you have the environment ready, and the right heating and lighting system, your adult dragon can not only live but prosper in your care. Hatchlings, on the other hand, should be taken care of more extremely, since they can quickly pass away if the habitat becomes too cold or warm.

If you have actually never ever taken care of a reptile prior to (much less hatchlings) do not buy baby dragons just yet. Once you have ended up being extremely knowledgeable about the procedure of taking care of your adult bearded dragons, then that is the time when you can venture into taking care of hatchlings that are less than four months old.

Some of you might be thinking: it’s cheap to obtain bearded dragons! Yes, they are fairly more affordable than their other reptilian equivalents. But keep in mind that buying the reptile is just the first expense in a long list of necessary costs. You will have to purchase many more things such as a bearded dragon cage, substrate, lights etc.

You will also need to buy a heating and lighting system so the reptile can warm itself in the early morning. Indulging in ample heat and light will ensure that your reptile will have the ability to metabolize exactly what it has consumed. If a bearded dragon is not able to appropriately secrete and digest exactly what it has actually eaten, you can be sure that it will pass away within a few weeks or months.

Various other expenses are the supplements and meals for your reptile. Considering that bearded dragons are diurnal omnivores, they need both plant issue and animal issue on a day-to-day basis.

More youthful bearded dragons require more animal protein, so do not be shocked if the more youthful dragons barely consume the veggies. Fully-grown adults, on the other hand, no longer need such big amounts of protein due to the fact that they have actually currently expanded to full size.

This indicates they will depend more on the veggie matter for their sustenance. With this in mind, you will need to discover a nutritious mix of plant issues to ensure that your reptile will be able to live long and gladly inside your bearded dragon enclosure. Do this, and you can stay clear of the average figure of 6 months for captive bearded dragons.

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