Learn How to Maximize Your Bearded Dragon Lifespan

In this article, we’re going to be discussing bearded dragon lifespan, how big do bearded dragons get and the top three ways you can make sure your bearded dragon lives life to the fullest.

Bearded Dragon Lifespan

Over the years, massive improvements have been made in bearded dragon husbandry practices. People used to believe that dragons only live five to seven years however with further research and people applying information more we’ve discovered that dragons can actually live ten to fifteen years sometimes longer depending on the quality of care and the Dragons history.

Bearded Dragon Size

The species most commonly kept in captivity is Pogona vitticeps or the Central / Inland bearded dragon.  These generally reach sizes of about eighteen to twenty-four inches from snout to tail tip.
Now on to our last subject

How to Maximize the Lifespan of Bearded Dragons?

The following are the top three ways to maximize your bearded dragon’s lifespan and ensure that he will live life to the fullest.

  • True Love and Care Raising

Just like any other pet, bearded dragons require your full attention and genuine interest for their well-being.

  • A Varied Diet

Bearded dragons need a mixed diet of insects and vegetables to live a healthy life. Adult bearded dragons need 80% plant protein and 20% animal protein while baby dragon needs 80% animal protein and 20% plant protein.

  • Provide Them the Best Environment Possible

This means giving them an enclosure, a good temperature, UVB lighting, substrate and structures for it to climb on.

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